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19 January, 2009

Big python run over in Devarayanadurga forest

Dear Friends,

A rock python, big by standards of specimens recorded in Tumkur district, was run over on one of the roads inside Devarayanadurga (DD) state forest on 16 Nov 2008. This magnificent specimen measured 8.74 ft and weighed over 6 kilos. It was a really sad day as DD lost one more precious and endangered animal due to increased vehicular traffic and human movement inside the forest.

This is the reason why we suggest there should be speed breakers on the roads here. Also there should be checkposts inside the forest to prevent unneccessary movement of vehicles from dusk to dawn.

Mallikarjun (Mallik)


  1. Shucks,It is a sad affair, though not a big fan of snakes, I do not want them to be killed. I wish civic authorities were a bit more sympathetic!

  2. Well This to me seems a planned kill by some one rather than an run over by a vehicle, If you see the pictures, It can be noticed that apart from its head there are no other injuries, In short Its has been killed intentionally and not run over by accident. My reasoning is whena speeding vehicle runs over an animal injuries or abration should appear at multiple locations, which is not the case here.

    Anyways this is praveen, A wildlife lover,

  3. I agree with Praveen, it s a murder and not a accident.


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