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21 June, 2015

A day of extra-ordinary rains around Tumakuru

169 years ago - A day of extra-ordinary rains around Tumakuru
"On the 4th of October, 1846, an extraordinary storm of this sort broke over the hills to the north of Toomcoor, in the Chittledroog district, 10 inches of rain fell in 4 hours, and burst the bunds of nearly all the tanks over a range of 80 miles. The presence of trees appears in some way to modify these sudden bursts of rain and to eualize the falls, as similar thunder storms are common in the immediate
neighbourhood of Seringapatam, where rocks are abundant and verdure scanty."

Source: 'Notes on the influence exercised by Trees on Climate'
The Madras Journal of Literature and Science. Published under the auspices of the Madras Literary Society and Auxillary of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol. 15, 1849, Madras.

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