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19 November, 2007

Filing RTI application to get info on forests

Dear friends,

You may find the following information useful incase you have decided to file an application under Right to Information (RTI) Act to get any information relating to forests or forest department.

You can use the following application format
(click here to see a sample of questions you can ask)
Form A(u/s. 6(1) and 7(1) of Right to Information Act – 2005)

Pubic Information Officer
Office of (Deputy Commissioner / Deputy Conservator of Forests / CEO, ZP etc)
Address of the office:

1. Applicant’s Name:

2. Applicant’s Address:

3. Details of document/s requested:

4. Year to which the document/s pertain: As stated above or till date

5. Details of amount paid: Indian Postal Order No:



Place: Signature of the applicant

Application received by:
(Name, Signature with office seal and date)



1) Type your questions in the above format and print two copies of the same. Make sure all the details printed clearly.

2) Buy one Indian Postal Order of Rs.10 denomination from a post office.

3) Address the postal order to the concerned officer: For example - (Deputy Commissioner / Deputy Conservator of Forests / CEO, ZP etc)

4) Enter the individual postal order number in the application (in the Details of the amount paid' column').

5) IMPORTANT: Keep the other half of the copy of the Postal order with you as a proof of payment.

6) Submit one copy of the application form with your original signature at the office.

7) Get signature and seal along with the name and date from the person recieving the application, on the other copy.

8) You don't have to answer a lot of questions when you are filing the applications. It is your right to get the information and you don't need to answer any one verbally on what you have written.

9) The office has no right to refuse your application. If they do so, ask them to give in writing that they are refusing your application. You can then file an application with the information commissioner to have the head of that office (DC, DCF, CEO, Secretary etc) summoned.

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