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15 October, 2007

Tree looters feasting on Devarayanadurga jungles

Since 1997, hundreds of mature trees have been felled in Devarayanadurga and its nearby state forests.

Even as we write this, many are being felled. The trees are first debarked clandestinely and let to die a natural death.

A view of one of the half cut trees.

Then they are felled in the name of removing dry wood.

A felled tree besides the Namadachelume-Devarayanadurga main road.

Trees are being ruthlessly felled here even during daytime. Even on informing the forest department about these events, it is taking no action. Among such places is the Girlakatte valley. In early and mid-90s, this valley had so many trees that it used to be dark even in summer when we used to walk on the path under the canopy of these trees. The same has happened with the canopy behind Rama Lakshmana trees on the 5th mile stone – Namadachelume road.

The sad part is that the forest department is not even willing to stop those who are carrying away the felled trees.

A happy tree man carrying away wood from jungle on his bicycle, on the Belagumba-Oordigere main road.

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