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23 September, 2007

Devarayanadurga's Chinga area...the looting continues

First, the Forest Department allowed the illegal construction of a road inside, probably, Devarayanadurga's most densly forested area...

The tree looters followed soon. They cut the trees with impunity...

Then they tie the logs to the their bicycles...

They then ride away as freely as they entered the forest. All this while the forest officials sleep away on this problem...


I had again been to Chinagara betta on 9th Sep'07 with Gundappa mestru. We were lucky enough to spot the Frogs heaven, Mestru could identify 3 species of frogs by their calls, Painted frog, Marballed frog, Indian Bull frog. I cud enjoy the sight thro my binacs.

Later we took Chinagara betta road and drove.... Once again we saw a beautiful Ground Orchid. We reached the check dam, which was full.

We saw four tree cutters doing their destructional work without any fear. I am attaching some of the photos by which one can judge the amount of forest wealth flowing outside without any obstruction or I may say with full support of KFD.

Once we started ascending the betta we were surprised to see that the road to Chinagara betta is complete, added to this there were cars and vans just infront of the temple. As per the Topo sheet there's no road, not even a foot path to Ranga swamy temple, but today a road which is better than any road in Tumkur city is laid. There's no surprise if KFD or KSTDC plans for a lodge near the temple......


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